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2005 Expedition

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This year's stay on Lengai from July 19 - August 9 was quite different from previous visits.  After a series of eruptions from T58C began in the early morning of 21 July and continued through 22 July, Lengai did not erupt again, with the exception of one tiny lava emission lasting only a couple of seconds on 26 July. Prior to our arrival there had been at least a 12 day period without activity, according to local reports.  Photographs from May suggest that activity may have been infrequent for several months.  In spite of our disappointment with the lack of eruptions, we were excited that the one highly active period occurred during the full moon/lunar perigee.  We wondered if the relatively infrequent eruptions might be an indication that the long-term behavior of Lengai is changing.   For more details see 2005 News.

Members of the 2005 expedition were James Bell, Adrienne Dickson, Josh Gordon, and Elizabeth Zbinden.


Giraffes graze near the road to Lengai.



Taking a break at the Ol Doinyo Lengai grocery in Engaruka village



Elizabeth talks to a group of Maasai near Lengai.



In our camp at Engare Sero, Paulo packs food into bags to be carried by porters.



The 2005 expedition group in the South Crater: From left to right, Josh, Adrienne, Paulo, Elizabeth, James, and Isack.



At 0100 on July 21 a short but powerful eruption from T58C produced these fresh black lava flows and a lapilli field on the flank of T57B.



Lava flowed down the flank of T58C on July 21.



Lava from T58C flows into a crack in the crater floor.



Fresh lava covers the flank of T58C above and below the active vent.



This is our South Crater camp viewed from the south.  The active crater is behind the ridge. To reach it requires a walk up the sandy track and then a traverse to the right.



This is the typical appearance of the inside of the "kitchen tent" during weeks 2 and 3.  Near the center of the photo is one of the most highly desired items on Lengai: a bottle of beer.



This picture of the eastern slope of Lengai was taken from the South Crater. The light area is weathered lava that has flowed across the East Rim Overflow.  To the left of the weathered lava is an area of burned vegetation from the eruptions reported on  5-7 July, 2005. Lake Natron is in the background.



Looking SE across the crater, from left to right, are T49B, T58B, T58C, T46, T51, and T47.



Closup of T49B



Trail junction on the east crater rim: to the right is the summit of Lengai, to the left is the South Crater.





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