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Guide and Porter Costs

Page history last edited by Frederick Belton 13 years, 3 months ago

The Maasai guides and porters at Engare Sero, the village from which Lengai climbs begin, have recently established fixed rates for their services.  These rates have inflated extremely rapidly during the past few years.  Be warned that a guide will charge the full rate even if his clients do not reach the top of Lengai. In order to collect these high fees, guides will often encourage people to climb even if the conditions are not safe.


Guide fee as of 2008: TSh 100,000

Porter fee as of 2008: TSh 85,000 (Maximum load 20 Kilos)


The guides and porters will often quote these prices as 100 US dollars and 85 US dollars.  Always attempt to pay in Tanzanian Shillings since the exchange rate is much more favorable.


These prices will be updated when new information becomes available.


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